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Why Fidelis?

"True, Dependable & Faithful"

"As a veteran, the sister to a veteran and the daughter of a veteran, I am very passionate about my belief in God, family and country. I strive to serve God and be FAITHFUL to my family and fellow veterans in every way that I can. It is because of the United States Army and the United States Marine Corps that I was able to pursue my veterinary career and to do what I love!" - Dr Katie


Our mission at Fidelis is to care for the pets and people of the community by providing competent preventative medicine and health care in order to raise awareness. In addition, guide clients to take care of their pets the best that they can.


Our vision at Fidelis Animal Hospital is to provide exceptional veterinary care to all animals and their owners. We understand the importance of the human-animal bond and strive to strengthen it through our compassionate care and dedication to your pet's health and well-being. With a focus on education and prevention, our team is committed to working with you to provide the best possible care for your pet at every stage of life.

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